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Ibogaine Drug Detox

  • Healthy food
  • Weeklong stay at our centre in Spain, Europe
  •  Iboga Micro-doses
  •  Ibogaine flood dose
  • Shamanic and spiritual practices
  •  Supporting herbs, supplements and medicine
  •  Accommodation
  • Ibogaine provider and cardiac nurse
  • Transport to/from Granada airport
  • Cleaning and cooking
  • Massage
  • Wim Hof and meditation every morning, followed by a hike
  • Spiritual documentaries, advice and practices
  • Trips out to yoga + meditation groups, 12 step meetings if desired 

Additional Services

  • Opiate maintenance if detoxing from stimulants or for other reasons
  • Benzo and alcohol detox, herbally assisted
  • Secondary stage/after care offered

Group Detox

  • More Economical pricing
  • Dependent on all having a reasonable ECG and no heart conditions or other concerns. We want to make this as accessible as possible but some conditions must be met.
  • To be placed on a stand-by list we have of people waiting to join a group; contact us

Contact us or

+34 643280060 via WhatsApp or Telegram

Before/after ibogaine drug detox, Spain, Europe
Former clients after detoxing with Ibogaine at our centre in Spain, Europe
Rikki and shamana Leah on hike post ibogaine detox for heroin addiction
Out for a walk in nature just a few days after ibogaine flood dose.
Ibogaine Flood Dose for Heroin & Crack Addiction