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Ibogaine Preparation and contraindications
Ibogaine Preparation and contraindications

Good Ibogaine Preparation

Typically you will need to hydrate in preparation for taking ibogaine. 3.7litres a day for an adult is the ideal, but even 2litres is good, carry a bottle with you and keep drinking it.. Coconut water and magnesium supplements, sports and electrolyte drinks and Epsom salts baths all help too.

Hydration takes a while to build up, so best to start now.

Coffee and alcohol will dehydrate you, so reduce them.

This avoids many potential cardiac problems.

A minimum of a week is required to successfully detox with ibogaine with many people requiring longer to safely prepare themselves. And it takes at least a month for the new ´clean´ you start to arrive but really you will be experiencing changes over the next 3-6months. So please make sure you have an aftercare planned, there are special post ibogaine secondary stage rehabs in México, or meditation retreats, sports camps and time in nature are all beneficial post ibogaine.

Stimulants must be avoided, with things like cocaine and speed requiring a week to get out of the system, before we can safely administer ibogaine. 5 days off alcohol unless an alcoholic, then it is important that the person is safetly detoxed a week before, this is to avoid potential seizures. We can provide important information.

Long-acting opiates such as methadone, Subutex, buprenorphine, opium and codeine are not considered good mixes with ibogaine and we would require candidates to be on standard short-acting opiates such as morphine, heroin and oxys for at least three weeks prior to arrival (better 3-6months). Fentanyl and tramadol are best avoided in the weeks leading up to ibogaine detox too.

Hope Graffiti by Revolting Mass
Hope Graffiti by Revolting Mass


Anti-depressants that effect serotonin must also be avoided as the ibogaine will reset the whole serotonin system, so it’s best to make sure all the decks are cleared to allow it to do this important work. If anti-depressants are taken too close to ibogaine it could cause serotonin-syndrome.

Let us know if any of these times off these drugs are difficult for you to achieve,