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Out for a walk in nature just a few days after iboga flood dose.
Out for a walk in nature just a few days after iboga flood dose.
"The Bwiti believe that before the ceremony, the neophyte is nothing," Daniel Lieberman told me on my first morning in Gabon, as we took a cab from the Libreville airport. "It is only through the initiation that you become something."

"What do you become?" I asked.

"You become a baanzi. One who knows the other world, because you have seen it with your own eyes."

"What do the Bwiti think of iboga?" I asked.

Lieberman barely hesitated. "For them, iboga is a super-conscious spiritual entity that guides mankind," he said.
Daniel Pinchbeck
'Breaking Open the Head'

Iboga Retreats, Spain, Europe - Madera Sagrada

Group Iboga Retreat Outline

We offer not only ibogaine from drug addiction but also iboga for psycho-spiritual reasons here in Spain, Europe. It should be noted that an ibogaine drug detox and an iboga ceremony are different proceedures, so tell us exactly what you are currently taking, this will allow us to give you the best treatment possible.

Good healthy food, supporting herbs and iboga micro-doses are include as part of the program.

Program outline below

Psycho-Spiritual Group Retreat


  • Healthy food and preparation supplements as deemed suitable
  • Assesment of ECG and health, interview process and preparation advice
  • Iboga Micro-doses with prayers and intention setting
  • Full iboga flood dose with cardiac ECG monitoring in shamanic style
  • Supporting herbs, supplements and medicine
  • 3 or 4 days accommodation as needed
  • Ibogaine provider and support staff
  • Cleaning and cooking
  • Shamanic preparation and spiritual advice

Contact us

Contact us to reserve a place, discuss with us about working with iboga on: or +34 643280060 via Signal or Telegram. Please send text to arrange a time.

Clients from a psycho spiritual iboga session at Madera Sagrada, Spain, Europe

If you have an addiction or take ANY medicine, supplements, herbs, etc, it is important that you let us know, to receive the full benefit of this medicine

Know your Soul - graffiti - Madera Sagrada, Ibogaine, Spain, Europe
“We’re all just walking each other home.”
Ram Das
Spiritual teacher