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  • Programas de apoyo a la desintoxicación de drogas de ibogaína
  • Ibogaine is a great head start, but your long term recovery from addiction requires more, which we will teach you.
  • Rich, drawing on his personal experience, provides tools, teachings and life experience to guide you on your journey out of addiction.
  • We teach about the midbrain and the internal dialogue that the addict will typically experience and what they could do.
  • Meditation techniques will be taught. Alongside teachings by the doctors; Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton and Gabor Mate and David Hawkins. Bring a USB hard drive, we have useful files that will assist the journey you will be starting with us.
  • Herbal techniques for calming the body and mind will be taught.
  • Hikes in the beautiful natural surroundings will be given as part of the program.
  • A series of micro doses will aid our clients to deepen their healing with ibogaine.
  • We recommend aftercare, whether in a standard rehab, meditation retreat, sports camp or special ibogaine aftercare programs. The important thing is to put some space between you and your addiction/using area. Somewhere peaceful with some exercise and meditation is best. To return directly home reduces your chance of long-term success, whereas joining a program such as one of these or another you feel drawn too increases your chances of success. Success rates post ibogaine treatment went up to 90% from 33%, about 3 times better, when combined with an aftercare programe. We recommend one that combines meditation and exercise there are special ibogaine aftercare services in some beautiful locations in México that we recommend. Contact us for more info.