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Junior at the beach with Rich preparing for ibogaine detox

The iboga/ibogaine process

The ibogaine/iboga experience is a deep dream-like experience, nobody can say what your trip will be but ·getting to the very core of the issue and releasing it” type experiences are common; . There are about 14 alkaloids in Iboga, they each reset different receptor sites in the body including opiates and nicotine; whilst re-booting the serotonin. The trip itself can be a range of experiences. Travelling back in time, visiting ancestors, working through issues, and more. Whatever your trip is like, you will still get the deep reset and experience a deeper shift and transformation over the coming months as it develops.

Out horse-riding post ibogaine detox, Spain, Europe
Out horse-riding post ibogaine detox, Spain, Europe

This deep reset is a great restart moment for anyone suffering from an addiction and it aids that process but only you can make that commitment to abstinence. The first few months are a crucial time for your personal recovery and much higher success rates exist for those attending secondary stage treatment in the early days. We offer an ongoing secondary stage treatment.


Secondary stage aftercare Treatment / Ongoing stays post Ibogaine

We offer ongoing secondary stage treatment post detox where we teach a range of topics from Wim Hof breathwork & Meditation to Understanding and controlling the Midbrain (Rational Recovery), including micro-doses, tarot readings, some basic herblore to create natural benzo-like tea and activities hikes in nature, swimming, food and drink. We will explore the Alpujarras!

Please send us an email about staying on with us as an aftercare secondary stage treatment after your ibogaine ceremony.

We try to respond to emails at least once a day, ttelegram exts more rapidly.

Typically a week to detox from all addictions and a couple months of an aftercare program

No stimulants on the Madera Sagrada premises

Please contact us for quotes and to discuss your addiction  and any health concerns you may have

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Pool at Madera Sagrada Ibogaine treatment centre, Spain, Europe