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Madera Sagrada Ibogaine TestimonialsWhat our past clients say:

Wow where do I even begin?? Simply put, Rich is the MAN! I met Rich over a year ago for my first introduction to the plant medicine ‘Ibogaine’. The moment I met him I felt an immediate connection with him, as if I had already known him my entire life. Aside from being extremely personable, I found Rich to be incredibly knowledgeable about Ibogaine and, more importantly, the steps that need to be taken before and after the treatment to ensure long-term success.

Many people come to the plant medicine desperate for change but unwilling to do any of the footwork that is required before and after. In my experience, this is the biggest mistake that can be made. Although Ibogaine gives you a physiological reset and a significant head start on the road to recovery, it is not a magic bullet and will not do ALL the work for you. No one knows this better than Rich, who was the first person I encountered willing to provide me with this crucial information.

Although Ibogaine works beautifully in its ability to combat opiate addiction in any capacity, it is not to be forgotten that it is a sacred plant and must be handled with the utmost respect. Rich showed me the importance of this sentiment with significant intention setting and commitment to change on the front end of treatment, leading up to my flood dose.

Afterwards, we did work on a daily basis integrating the gains from ibogaine into my new life, which was as important (if not more important) than the treatment itself. Among many other things, we discussed the mechanics of the midbrain and its role in the addiction process; we talked about the neurological reset from ibogaine and what that meant for me moving forward; and also, we did extensive planning/ scheduling for my future to solidify the changes that were going to be made when I returned home.

The most important thing that can be said about Rich is that he genuinely cares about your wellbeing moving forward with your life and permanently burying whatever issues that brought you to the medicine. Having dealt with his own issues through the use of Ibogaine and realizing the power of the medicine (unlike most providers), Rich has the utmost empathy for clients and respect for this life changing process.

Not only do I consider Rich a lifelong friend and brother through this experience, I can honestly say I would not be where I am today without his help and support. If you are genuinely interested in changing you life and are looking for a credible person to embark on this journey with, look no further; Rich is the guy for you. The immediate benefits that you feel from the depths of your soul are unmatched by any other forms of treatment on earth. I’ve tried them all and Rich’s approach with Ibogaine cannot be topped. 5stars, 10/10, 2 thumbs up! Accept the change you deserve and stop living life in fear! Rich has got your back!

Sean Winn

I have participated in a 5 day Iboga retreat with Rich and Andrew. When I came in, I was in a bad place emotionally. I had done a lot of work on my personal healing in the last 2 years, but stuff didn’t go as wished and I had retraumatized myself in the process: When I came in, I had a hard time connecting to others, i couldnt hold eye contact well, I felt ashamed of myself and I was in a perpetual state of tension. The Ceremony itself was very intense for me, but it was just what I needed. Today I feel energized, something big in me has been released. I can hold eye contact, feel more at peace with myself and can relax more. I still feel the Iboga working in me and changing stuff for the better.All of this was made possible by the amazing work of Rich and loving support of Andrew. Throughout the whole journey, they have guided us with love and care. They carefully looked after our health and physical wellbeing. Rich gave us a lot of valuable input to find the right path through the ceremony. Andrew served us amazing food everyday. They both shared a lot of wisdom with us.But most importantly, they both put in all of their hearts. They don’t just do it as a job, but they both follow their spiritual calling.So, thank you Rich, thank you Andrew (and thank you Jag, who shared this journey with me!). I am truly grateful for this experience and I wholeheartedly recommend putting your trust in these beautiful people!

Christain Heeren

From day one on our video consultation to his after care, Rich has been continually friendly, knowledgeable, understanding, open, respectful and utterly non judgemental. To say he’s the perfect guide/provider is an understatement. I’ve definitely made a friend. I came to Rich because of an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, which meant negative effects on me and my loved ones. Rich was very understanding and sympathetic while listening to my story. He was very tentative to my need to really understand and explain the process. In the run up to the ceremony, Rich ensured my medical stats were up to scratch and advised me on things to do to keep certain vitamin levels up. I found Rich to be VERY knowledgeable. While I was there at the retreat I was welcomed by Rich and Andrew, who is also a beautiful soul! During the whole process/ceremonies both Rich and Andrew ensured I was comfortable, well fed, and not wanting for anything. Explaining everything along the way. The experience itself was unbelievable, I opened up parts of myself and have been feeling amazing since. I felt entirely safe throughout the whole process. I look forward to the next 3 to 6 months as I grow further! Thank you Rich and Andrew for everything you’ve done for me, I’ll never forget it, you’ve made a friend with me! I cannot wait to see the finished retreat. Thank you also Christian, my Iboga buddy, we went into this and came out of it together as changed, better people! You and Zannah are amazing, loving people! I cannot recommend this enough, if you have any doubts just have a chat with Rich, and take the plunge. It all works so well and Rich is the best, knowledgeable and caring.

Jagdeep Gill

Just days after last dose of opiates. Glowing after the ibogaine reset
Ibogaine Treatment Testimonials Madera Sagrada Spain

Really pleased with the outcome everybody who I have seen so far is saying how well I look so I’m just going to thrive of this amazing energy I have at the moment and really concentrate on the reprogramming now and remap my head haha. All is good had the most amazing sleep. Hope all is fine brother and man thanks so so much Rich. My experience this time was to the moon and back a million times literally it was a once in a lifetime experience that one! Rich is the iboga king provider with all his talent and experience in the game. Rich, you’re a legend mate


Junior came to us for opiate and crack addiction. It was his third time and he really had to make it work this time. He was unable to stop his crack use before arrival so we waited 5 days to get that out of his system. We used this opportunity to really make sure his hydration was as good as it could be and we got his QTc down from 419 to 389, meaning that he was a good candidate for a full flood dose.

He arrived looking skinny, haggard and pale and left shinning with life. The photos are taken less than a week apart! He really felt that something had shifted this time. We also gave him a second medium sized dose of iboga root-bark as well as the ibogaine flood dose. We do this as it is our feeling that the ibogaine cleans you out and physically resets you as well as providing the ibogaine afterglow effects and the second voyage into the iboga realms a few days later with iboga can help any unfinished business and healing to be completed.

IBOGAINE TREATMENT for Opiate & Crack DETOX – Junior

Richard came to us about 5 months after he had attended another ibogaine detox for opiate and methadone addiction. He had only swapped to short acting opiates for 20 days before his ibogaine flood, and although he had been given boosters, his PAWs (Post-Acute Withdrawals) came back. He came to us in a terrible state emotionally and we spent a week working with him and iboga root bark, taking him through a flood as well as some low dose work. We sent him on his way with micro-doses to help him should his PAWs ever return.

Whilst he was with us we also provided him some guidance on how to stop his other addictions to benzos and pregablin. The iboga (although not meant for it) he says has helped him very much with the reduction script he has for the pregablin. We also recommended other herbs and meditation techniques to aid him in his process.

Since Richard’s recovery with ibogaine and iboga, his father has also stopped alcohol too following an iboga root bark ceremony! We are very proud of Richard and the work he did with us.

He kindly made a video testimonial which you can view below

Richard – Methadone & Opiate PAWS Iboga Ceremony